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Andrew Haglund

Coding Motivation

I haven’t updated MapKeep in a while but I’ve been plugging away at a nice update. I’m almost done and I’m feeling motivated to keep pressing on.1

Two things urged me to get back into the swing of things:

  1. After making a couple tweaks and sending to TestFlight, my iPhone app would crash every single time I created a location in the Apple Watch version. Annoying!
  2. My wife is having our first kid in roughly… 10 days! I’ve heard a tiny rumor that kids can be time-consuming? It’d be great to get the update out the door before it goes back on the shelf.

One could call this motivation. Another less healthy term would be anxiety or obsession. I get this reeling feeling of:

I have to do this, I have to do this, I have to do this…

I put a lot of false urgency on myself — it’s something I need to work on. I love the challenge of making an iOS app but everything in moderation. I need to have balance and headspace for other more important things in my life.

  1. I’ll share more on what’s next for MapKeep soon! I don’t want to promise anything prematurely. ↩︎